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Slide Rail Time lapse
Thanks to our customer

Thanks to our customer

  • Construction
  • Excavation Shoring
  • Niagara, NY
  • November 2015

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Contractor leap-frogs trench shoring system to install 300 ft pipeline; cuts installation time in half using the Mabey Slide Rail System


Site and utility contractor, Kandey Company Inc., from New York, was working on a large plant expansion project for the Covanta Niagara Energy-from-Waste Facility in Niagara Falls, New York. The facility converts 2,250 tons of municipal waste-to-energy daily and sells the by-product of steam to adjacent chemical facilities and electricity to the New York power grid. Kandey was tasked with installing new pipelines to catch and store future waste and run-off water and funnel it into the Niagara Falls sewer system.

The project called for the installation of six 50 ft x 8 ft diameter pipes to total 300 feet, 16 ft below ground level. Kandy planned to use stackable trench  boxes to install the six sections of pipe but soon realized the effort and time it was going to take to use the same trench boxes and move them six times. They needed a more efficient way to do the install. In came Mabey.

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Mabey worked with Kandey to design an alternative shoring system that would safely shore the narrow trench in a timely fashion and only require a small crew to do the installation. Slide rail was the key.

The final configuration consisted of three bays of Mabey’s slide rail system   with 8 ft x 24 ft panels for an overall size of  74 ft long x 12 ft wide x 16 ft deep. Slide rail is ideal for this type of application because the panels fit together in multiple configurations and can accommodate narrow trenches such as the Covanta project. Because the slide rail system is easy to install and remove, Kandey leap-frogged the system down the line five times to install each pipe in succession. Additionally, the shoring system only required three crewmen to install and remove the panels.

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Kandey was very pleased with Mabey’s slide rail shoring system as an alternative to stackable trench boxes. The project took four weeks to complete with minimal crew and easy installation. Kandey also allowed Mabey to use a time lapse camera to capture their progress on the job. See the final timelapse of this job here:

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