Roadway Built on Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston, NC

Temporary road built on Lake Gaston in North Carolina

Long view of roadway

Mabey's temporary matted roadway for utility pole replacement project

Roadway accessed by boat

Contractors arrive by boat to access roadway while it is being built

Pipelines installed on roadway

Pipelines installed on roadway

Roadway complete

Roadway complete


Mabey's matting includes several work pads branched off along roadway.

  • Disaster Relief, Infrastructure, Construction
  • Temporary Access and Roadways
  • Lake Gaston, NC
  • October 2012

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Mabey provides access across lake to move equipment and supplies for power line replacement project.


Lake Gaston is a hydroelectric reservoir in North Carolina and Virginia. It is a man-made lake, roughly 35 miles long, covering 20,000 acres and 350 miles of shoreline. Prior to the lake being formed, power line poles were installed in the area.The lake was then created and filled and those same poles stood for 50 years — very much in need of replacement. Upgrading the 14 wooden towers to modern, three-pole steel structures would improve the reliability of the electric system for the 150,000 customers in the area.

Lake Gaston has an average depth of 40 feet, with the section that the poles are located in being about 16 feet deep. A barge was used for the pole replacement but the challenge of getting equipment from the road to the lake and the concrete to the new poles remained. Solution: Mabey.

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Mabey determined that by building a temporary road using 3,600 Mabey DuraBase® Mats, workers could move equipment and supplies between the shore and the site. This required the Mabey team to install the mats over wetlands and out into the lake. Mabey's DuraBase® Mats lived up to their reputation as environmentally friendly. Local reporter, Hank Dewald, noted in a write-up about the project in Lake Gaston Today [see sidebar]. The remaining mats were used to form a single-layer road over the lake, reaching out about 800’ from shore. A pipe was laid on the buoyant platform, bringing concrete from a mixer on shore directly to the job site out on the water. The system also functioned as a walkway for workers. Pole replacement was done in two main sections, and when work was ready to move to a different area, boats simply pulled the assembled platform across the lake to the new location.

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Mabey DuraBase® Mats once again proved to be a highly versatile product. The project manager was impressed with the capabilities of the matting system. The mats and the efficiency of the Mabey matting installation crew sped up installation of the new poles by at least a month.

"Those mats have protected the sensitive wetland areas as well as the subdivision properties the hundreds of heavy trucks have rolled over basically since day one of the work. Once removed from the Lee’s Creek areas, one could barely tell heavy construction work had been done there.”

- Hank Dewald, Lake Gaston Today

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