Solution-based application evolves from innovative use of Mabey structural propping

Atton Hotel Project

Mabey's System 160 Propping Customized Solution for Atton Hotel Project

System 160 Propping Basement

System 160 Propping Basement

System 160 Elevator

Looking from inside the building out through buck hoist elevator.

Close up of System 160

Close up of System 160 configuration.

  • Infrastructure, Construction
  • Structural Shoring
  • Miami, FL
  • January 2016

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Mabey Gives Atton Hotel A Lift With A Custom Buck Hoist Design

Solution-based application evolves from innovative use of Mabey structural propping


Safety Guys, a full service safety services management contractor in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, were contracted to manage site safety on the 12-story, 275-room Atton Hotel project in Miami. They discovered the standard hoist system, used to transport crew and equipment from floor to floor, could not operate safely because the lower floor balcony extensions interfered with the path of the hoist cars. Because of these extended floors, the buck hoists could not get close enough to the structure to make it safe for operation.

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Safety Guys were well-acquainted with the flexibility and unique features of Mabey’s structural shoring systems from past experience and asked if Mabey could help to make the buck hoist functional and safe to use.

Mabey engineers reviewed the project. Because the construction elevator would have to be installed on top of existing elevated floors, it was determined that the hotel’s lower floors and basement would need to be reinforced with System 160 shoring to increase their capacity to keep the site safe. Mabey’s design then called for a propping tower to support the platform extensions that connected from the hoist car to the building.

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Once the lower floors were propped and the bridges were installed, crews were able to safely use the construction elevator to move materials from the hoist car into the building.

Mabey’s design proved to be a durable, time-saving solution because System 160 is versatile and can be configured to fit various applications — yet is strong enough for high-load capacities. The alternative would have been much more time-consuming as Safety Guys would have had to build a lumber framework towering over 80 feet high to support the platforms. Mabey’s steel shoring was a much more durable, safer alternative. Safety Guys’ dedication to safety and experience in the field — together with Mabey’s engineering expertise and versatile shoring — created an innovative solution to solve a problem and resulted in a new application for System 160. We call that a win-win!

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