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Matting Installation

Matting Installation

Temporary Roadway

Temporary Roadway

Utility Repair Access

Utility Repair Access

Driveway Application

Driveway Application

Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston

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Matting Crew

Matting Crew

Installation Team in DC

Mabey Installation Team at Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.

M&T Bank Stadium field matting

Mabey protects turf during construction at M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens National Football Team.

Cherry Blossom Event

Mabey installs road to protect National Mall lawn in preparation for Cherry Festival 10K run.

Cherry Blossom Pre-Event

Runners prepare for start of race and walk all over Mabey's temporary road.

Clemson University

Mabey installs matting system to protect Clemson's field during construction.

Mabey rescues boat

A sailboat breaks away from its dock during a violent storm and lands in a nearby marsh. Mabey's temporary road allows crane to access boat for rescue and protect resident's lawn.

Salem NJ Utility Job

Mabey installs roadway to give crane access to utility lines on old farm road.

Salem NJ Utility Job 2

Roadway is extremely narrow, especially around bends that the crane must maneuver through safely.

Salem NJ Utility Job 3

Crane arrives safely at workpad!

Salem NJ Utility job 4

Crane operator and Mabey manager shake hands on a job well done!

Mabey mats in the field

Mabey mats make for a stable meeting spot.


Mabey's temporary roads make the perfect temporary surface for heavy-duty roads, turnarounds, and work and staging areas, no matter what the soil condition. Our roads are assembled with composite matting that interlock to provide a stable surface for site access. Power companies around the country use this system to work on utility lines in designated wetlands. Our mats have been used to successfully transport 120-ton cranes and transmission poles weighing 50,000 lbs. in standing water. Major colleges, universities, and stadiums have used them to protect their fields while installing stages for graduations, concerts, and other events. They have even been used for major events on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.!

Composite MatsGet your heavy equipment out of the mud and water with Mabey’s composite mats. Our prefabricated, interlocking mat system creates a temporary road to give your equipment a solid working surface, and allows you to continue working in tough ground conditions. The 8′ x 14′, 1,050 lb. mats ship on a standard, flatbed truck and can be placed with an off road loader. A single truckload can be used to build a 14′ wide roadway up to 250′ long.


The benefits of renting mats from Mabey include:

  • Do not absorb water and are easily cleaned to prevent cross-contamination
  • Reduce or eliminate mud and dust
  • Pre-fabricated, durable interlocking mats that outperform wooden mats every time
  • Designed with anti-skid surface to prevent slipping
  • Requires little or no site preparation
  • Forklift or excavator can easily place and align mats
  • Professional installation options
  • Can be shipped on standard flatbed truck
  • Quick restoration of the area to its pre-job condition
  • Single truckload can build a road 14′ wide and up to 250′ long
  • Ideal in even the most rugged or wet conditions
  • Stackable for use in flooded areas
  • Matting team delivers promptly with excellent customer service
  • Optional on-site assistance
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