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Assembly Complete


For jobs that include trench excavation but don’t require soil shoring, we provide you with a complete range of trench shields. Our trench shields are easy to install and transport, which makes your job easier.

We provide two trench shield options:

  • Modular Trench Shields (MOD Series)
  • Aluminum Trench Shields (ATS Series)


Modular Trench Shields (MOD Series)
  • Stacks flat and easily fits in a pick-up truck
  • Corner end posts enable shields to be arranged in 2- and 4-sides configurations
  • Panels measure 2′ high and can be stacked to suit a range of excavation depths
  • Panels are available in 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′ lengths
  • Panels are foam-filled and light enough for hand assembly
Aluminum Trench Shields (ATS Series)
  • Panels available from 4′x8′ to 6′x16′
  • Adjustable mechanical struts allow for inside-box dimensions between 18″ and 88″
  • Lightweight, foam-filled panels are easily moved by loaders and backhoes
  • 2.5” thick walls
  • Ideal for municipalities and utility companies
  • CLICK HERE for additional photos.
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Shield Type Length (ft) Depth (in) Corner End Posts
MOD 4' 2" 2- and 4-sided configurations
MOD 6' 2" 2- and 4-sided configurations
MOD 8' 2" 2- and 4-sided configurations
MOD 10' 2" 2- and 4-sided configurations
MOD 12' 2" 2- and 4-sided configurations
MOD 14' 2" 2- and 4-sided configurations
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