Super Powerbrace Plus


Superpower Brace Used for Coffer Dam

SPB Excavation

Superpower Brace Used for Tank Installation

SPB Excavation

Superpower Brace Used for Large Excavation

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Super Powerbrace Walers

Heavy Duty Shoring

Super Powerbrace Plus is a modular hydraulic waler system capable of clear spanning up to 83 feet. The strongest of Mabey’s bracing systems, it can sustain bending moments of up to 2300kNm.  Super Powerbrace Plus provides the most effective, efficient shoring solution for large excavations.


  • High-load capacity
  • Modular system allows for excavation sizes in a range of 10 - 83 feet and works with intermediate struts or knee braces where required by ground conditions.
  • Fully compatible with Mabey’s other waler and strut systems.
  • High strength steel construction helps minimize waler size. This means a smaller excavation, reducing time and expense.
  • No cutting or welding beams and pinned joints allow for irregular-shaped excavations.
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Mabey Waler Systems
Single legCompetitor's Waler SystemSuper PowerbraceSuper Powerbrace Plus
Max length65.6ft52.5ft83ft
Approx. max load at Super Powerbrace max length31 kN/m30 kN/m82 kN/m
Approx. max load at competitor max length19 kN/mn/a50 kN/m
Approx. max load at Super Powerbrace Plus max lengthn/an/a36 kN/m
Approx. max load at 46'
(length of typical underground tank excavation)
40 kN/m39 kN/m110 kN/m
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