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Leading edge digital engineering capability

The advent of digital engineering is transforming how 21st century construction and infrastructure is delivered.

At Mabey, our expert in-house engineers use digital tools and technologies to develop industry-first techniques. This enables us to tailor the support we give customers by providing better insight and enabling teams to collaborate.

As a result, our construction and infrastructure customers are submitting winning proposals, and we are then helping them deliver their projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.

Mabey is investing heavily in software and training to embed digital engineering at the project level within all our engineering teams.

Dedicated digital engineering expertise is available to customers, enabling collaboration in Common Data Environments on federated BIM models for coordination and clash avoidance.

From creating BIM models of live projects, to integrating real-time data from infrastructure monitors into BIM, digital engineering is transforming how engineers work and collaborate.

Mabey has an extensive range of digital content for our customers to access, including BIM objects for bridging, excavation and structural shoring.  All our BIM objects contain detailed geometry, data and functionality to represent our products in a BIM environment.

We are also using BIM as a platform to develop virtual reality tools and technologies, particularly to support training and safety.

This new approach is also transforming how operational teams can learn about equipment in a controlled, virtual, environment before using it for real. This not only increases their productivity but also makes their work safer.

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Enabling global infrastructure

At Mabey, we apply our digital engineering capabilities to an increasing range of challenges and opportunities.

Customers can now view products and services in 3D, to become more familiar with how they work. For instance, our largest strut -- the SBS 1000 -- can manage pressures up to 390 tons to install it.

What are the benefits of digital engineering?

The way Mabey applies digital engineering to our customers’ challenges brings significant benefits including:

  • Increased confidence and assurance of project timelines, safe operations, cost and quality
  • Improved understanding by all parties of the complex processes
  • Easier identification and testing of innovative solutions to complex challenges
  • Significant reduction in risks
  • Better communication between suppliers, customers and regulating bodies
  • Smarter proposals and program management with consequential ability to build market share and improve reputation
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We are focusing on providing engineered solutions for complex construction projects, and investing in digital engineering is an integral part of that. Digital engineering allows us to customize the support that we are giving to our clients, thus being able to service them faster, better and more creatively.

Patrick Sweeney P.E., COO Mabey Inc.

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To learn more about how Mabey’s digital engineering capabilities can help you deliver your projects more quickly, safely and efficiently contact us today.

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