Mabey Steel Universal Bridge

MU over water

MU over water

Emergency Bridge after Breech

Emergency Bridge after Breech

Two lane highway

Mabey Universal Bridge provides temporary access for motorists during major bridge construction

MU on Interstate 83

MU on Interstate 83

Bridge launch at beach

Bridge launch to provide emergency access for community after hurricane

Temporary Bridge

Temporary Bridge


The Mabey Universal Bridge System is an advanced version of the original Bailey bridge design. This system is ideal when your bridge rental project requires longer span permanent rural bridges, bridges for mining, logging and mineral extraction, temporary and permanent site accesses and river crossings for heavy off-road, earth-moving vehicles.

The heavy-duty modular design of the Mabey Universal provides a unique combination of strength and versatility, along with excellent fatigue resistance, making it an ideal long-term solution for roads with heavy traffic.

We Keep Traffic Moving

Established over 40 years ago, the Mabey Universal Bridge System uses our deepest and longest modular panels to create heavy-duty panel bridges with clear spanning capabilities of up to 265 feet. Like the Mabey Compact 200 Bridge System, the Mabey Universal Bridge System consists of braced side trusses, transverse steel ‘transom’ beams and proprietary bolted modular steel decks.

Multiple Advantages with Mabey

When you contract with Mabey Inc., you benefit from our significant bridge experience and our on-site technical assistance.  Our Universal bridge is readily assembled using cranes or a cantilever launch method. Launch and erection equipment can be configured for re-use on additional bridges for a multiple bridge project.

Watch an animation of a Mabey panel bridge being built!


This panel bridge system can accommodate:

  • Heavier and frequent traffic use
  • Longer spans
  • Standard roadway widths for single and multiple lane bridges
  • Double story construction and overbridging configurations
  • Optional internal pedestrian walkways, cantilevered external walkways or vehicle parapets
  • Optional decking systems that comply with most international loading standards
  • A heavy contractor’s use deck system to deal with large off-road vehicles with high axle loads

These advantages are why DOTs across the U.S. have turned to Mabey’s Universal Bridge to keep their traffic moving during bridge repair and rehabilitation.

Mabey's bridge rentals also offer:
  • Galvanized structural components for durability with minimal maintenance
  • Interchangeable components that are highly adaptable, fully reusable and readily relocated
  • Ready transport in standard ISO containers
  • Quick and simple on-site assembly

  • Robust and long lasting bridges with a high fatigue life
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