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Logistic Support Bridging

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Logistic Support Bridging

Mabey Logistic Support Bridge


When your military or civilian project requires a fast, sturdy bridge to transport heavy loads, you can depend on the Mabey Inc. Logistic Support Bridge. This temporary bridge combines the advantages of our off-the-shelf Compact 200 Bridge with special components developed specifically for military use to produce a bridge that has been used successfully in conflicts around the world.

An Unrivaled Military Bridge

The specially developed military components of the Logistic Support Bridge include:
  • Rapid build
  • Highly adjustable variable slope ramp systems
  • Special ground beam assemblies
  • Heavier transverse beam sections for specific military loading conditions

The bridge can be configured to carry loads up to Military Load Class 80T Normal, 110W Caution. It also suits a wide variety of civilian load conditions, including vehicles with low ground clearance. The Logistic Support Bridge comes complete with a standard decking finish that enables tracked vehicles to cross without causing damage.


Logistic Support Bridge Characteristics
  • All main structural components are made of galvanized steel for durability and minimal maintenance
  • Extra-wide single lane
  • Clear spans in single story construction between 30’ and 200’
  • Modular design with different configurations that can accommodate various dry and wet gap crossing lengths
  • Multi-span bridges can be built over standard modular fixed and floating supports
  • Built using tested cantilever launch method
  • Optional external pedestrian walkways
  • Bridges can be built on green field sites with no preparation, using special ground beam assemblies
  • Equipment can be transported in conventional 20’ and 40’ ISO containers
  • Can be built using in-service construction equipment such as field cranes and excavators
    Easily dismantled and returned to stock after use
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