Temporary Steel Bridge Overview

Bridge Overview

Bridge Overview


Benefits of Mabey bridges and why they are ideal for emergency situations

Whatever your bridge needs, the experts at Mabey can help you build a fast, temporary bridge or a reliable permanent bridge solution. Our prefabricated bridge systems are comprised of interchangeable, rectangular panels that pin together to form trusses that support floor beams of varying lengths. We’re proud to be your trusted source for bridge rentals, bridge replacement or new bridge construction. Mabey bridges can handle high volumes and multiple lanes of traffic, country road bridges, or pedestrian bridges. And if you have an emergency situation, Mabey provides a rapid response, with minimal disruption to existing operations and easy installation of adaptable, pre-fabricated parts to meet your needs.

Watch an animation of a Mabey panel bridge being built!


Advantages include:

  • Require minimal site equipment
  • Build and install quickly and easily
  • Can carry multiple lanes of traffic
  • Are made of durable, high-quality galvanized steel
  • Reduce bridge sag (deflection)
  • Are available immediately in emergencies
  • Have the flexibility to span greater distances or carry heavier loads
  • Can be paved with asphalt or covered with an anti-skid surface
  • Safely carry loads of HS25 or greater
  • Span up to 265’
  • Are available in road widths up to 36’ with standard equipment
    Are widely approved by DOTs around the country to carry interstate traffic
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A temporary bridge vs. detours

When disaster hits — caused by storms or other structural failures, figuring out the safest way to build new access is always a challenge, and it comes down to road closures, detours, or temporary bridges. And most of the time, a temporary bridge is the best alternative.

Which choice is the safest solution for your situation?

Road closures and detours are a necessary part of road construction so there is no way to eliminate their use. However, getting a more favorable solution in place quickly, and improving safety for the duration of a project, is always a priority. Being able to bridge the gap of a failed bridge with a temporary working bridge in mere days [see 30-hour bridge case study] is a solution most crews and motorists would favor.

Work zone safety is always a concern, especially with road or bridge work that requires lane closures and detours that affect regular traffic patterns and motorist expectations on routes they use regularly. Not to mention motorists’ conformity to obeying traffic signs that warn them of new traffic patterns or speed limit changes. Anytime these situations arise, the risk of road hazards increases for workers and drivers alike. But there is an alternative that helps to remove those risks.

A temporary bridge

With Mabey’s temporary bridges and structural support towers, repair work can proceed while keeping the roads operational and reducing or eliminating the need for detours or lane closures. And temporary bridges also serve as permanent solutions in many cases. Look at some of our featured projects for these applications.

Rapid-build bridges

Mabey bridges are ideal for emergency bridge replacement when urgent situations arise because they can be built in days with minimal crews and equipment. They are versatile to handle high volumes and multiple lanes of traffic or smaller, country roads. They are constructed with prefabricated, interchangeable panels that pin together to form trusses that support floor beams of varying lengths. Mabey bridges are in use today across the country in temporary situation as well as long-term permanent solutions.


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