Trench Boxes


What are Trench Boxes?

Trench boxes are used for rapid shoring of trench runs. These, together with Drag Boxes and Manhole Boxes, provide a quick and easy way of holding the ground stable in a trench without the need to use any other shoring equipment.

Key benefits of Mabey’s Trench Boxes

  • Comprehensive - range of trench boxes designed to cover a wide spread of uses in both temporary and permanent works
  • Safety first - range of safety equipment available including edge protection and entry and egress solutions
  • Complete package - we offer a full range of accessories, allowing greater versatility in applications
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Standard Trenchbox

Backhoe and Standard Trench Boxes

Strong unit providing quick and efficient ground support for trenches up to 5.6m deep.

Aluminium Trench Shield

Aluminium Trench Boxes and Shields

For shielding trenches where the excavation is being undertaken with small excavators.


Manhole Box

Manhole Boxes

Allows rapid manhole construction, suitable for trench depths up to 5400mm.

Rolling Strut Box

Rolling Strut Box

Vertically adjustable struts on rollers, providing clearance of up to 3.2m below struts.



Drag Boxes

Provides a safe and rapid means of pipe laying in trench widths from 680mm to 3200mm.

Trench End Panels

Trench End Panels

Trench End Panels provide a safe system to close off open-ended excavations.

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