Bridge Repair Services

Bridge Damage Measurement Peru

Bridge Damage Assessment - Peru

Flooding and Bridge Damage - Pakistan

Flooding and Bridge Damage - Pakistan

Bridge Repair - Peru

Bridge Repair - Peru

Post-Disaster Bridge Damage - Pakistan

Post-Disaster Bridge Damage - Pakistan


Bridge maintenance is crucial to prolonging the life of any bridge. Inspections assess the condition of the bridge, its residual load capacity and maintenance requirements, particularly after an accident or natural disaster. Damaged components can be repaired or replaced to extend the life of the bridge, minimise downtime and ensure it is safe and fit for purpose.

Mabey has over 50 years’ experience of building and maintaining bridges for international customers worldwide and serves as a One-Stop-Shop for all of our customers’ bridge maintenance needs.

Our highly-skilled engineering team offers a tailored service to each of our customers through the provision of expert advice. We offer repairs, spares or upgrades as required and we pride ourselves on our ability to support our customers throughout the life of their bridge.

For a bridge inspection, or to discuss your bridge maintenance, upgrade or spares requirements, please speak to our Expert.


  • Bridging One-Stop-Shop
  • Professional advice from a team of qualified experts
  • Bridge Inspection - Analysis  - Repair - Replacement - Certification
  • Bridge maintenance advice to support local maintenance teams
  • Bridge and deck upgrades and enhancements
  • Fast supply of replacement items from an extensive Mabey stock
  • Full site assembly, launching and jacking down advice provided
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