Mabey SmartEdge System


The Mabey SmartEdge™ System is a unique modular bridge accessory which provides customers with a low-cost way to add localised and bespoke graphics, logos and colours to any new or existing Mabey Compact 200™ pedestrian or vehicular bridge.

The SmartEdge™ is a galvanised steel panel that attaches to the bridge deck at either side of the road section and clads the trusses. The panels feature vertical slits and can be customised with optional colour finish, graphic or logo of choice.

With safety at the forefront of the design, the System is an attractive alternative to traditional options such as wire mesh.

The SmartEdge™ System is compatible with Compact 200™ Bridge Systems - old and new - and can also be detailed for use with Mabey Universal™ Bridge Systems.

For more information on the Mabey SmartEdge System™, please contact our expert.


  • Customised
  • Modular
  • Rapid-build
  • Transported in standard containers
  • Robust
  • Long life with minimal maintenance
  • C200 or Universal panel options available

Build your Mabey Compact 200™ with the Mabey Bridge Configurator. Experiment with different bridging options, spans, loadings and accessories, and receive an instant quotation.

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Standard Specification

Module length Compatible with Finish

Mabey Compact 200™ Bridge

Mabey Universal™ Bridge

Hot-dip Galvanised:
BS EN ISO 14713 & 1461
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