Lightweight modular propping system

Lightweight modular propping system

Discover Mass 10
High-strength propping system

High-strength propping system

Discover System 160
Supporting loads of up to 250kN

Supporting loads of up to 250kN

Discover Mass 25
Supporting loads of up to 500kN

Supporting loads of up to 500kN

Discover Mass 50
High-strength shoring system up to 1250kN

High-strength shoring system up to 1250kN

Discover Mat 125

Shoring, Propping and Jacking

Our extensive range of shoring, propping and jacking and monitoring equipment, together with in-house digital engineering experts, fabrication facilities and installation teams makes a winning combination for customers needing quick and effective solutions.

Whether lifting bridges or supporting structures, our design engineers have a track record in delivering the most effective approaches which enable your repair, maintenance and construction projects to be delivered more quickly, safely and efficiently.

Our in-house fabrication and testing facilities provides a tried and tested means of developing new shoring, jacking and propping kit that is up to the most challenging tasks. Our structural monitoring services provide real-time insight and assurance which further saves you time and money, and reduces your risks. And our installation team has deep experience of working alongside customers in the road, rail, utilities and construction sectors.  Read more about how we can help you, or submit your design request here.

Learn more about Mabey's shoring, propping and jacking equipment below.

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What is propping, jacking and shoring?

Propping, excavation shoring and jacking equipment is used extensively in construction to ensure that work can be done safely and efficiently. Using our fleet of props, hydraulic jacks and shoring equipment, Mabey engineers design schemes to hold up the sides of buildings (facade retention), raise bridges off their bearings (bridge lifting), or temporarily support buildings and infrastructure as they are built (propping, needling and shoring).

Our comprehensive monitoring equipment gives engineers and customers the real-time data they need to reduce risks. Our approach is to reduce the amount of hire equipment needed by designing more smartly and provide monitoring to further improve productivity. We are the first temporary works specialist to be BIM level 2 accredited and our monitoring service is un-paralleled in its application to civil engineering and construction challenges.

Benefits to using Mabey:

  • Peace of mind with our extensive engineering support network
  • Efficiency assured with our comprehensive range of propping and jacking equipment for projects ranging from light propping to heavy duty
  • Comprehensive range of structural and environmental monitoring equipment available
  • Expertise available with an on request full scheme design service
  • BIM Level 2 accredited
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“We approached Mabey because of their expertise in delivering bespoke, smart engineering solutions in a short time-frame. As a long-term partner of ours, the team clearly understood our unique engineering requirements and the importance of developing a system that will bring significant benefits when adopted and applied to larger projects in the future. The successful trial over the River Artro will change the way we approach and programme these repairs.”

Steve Richardson, Contracts Manager, Rail, Alun Griffiths Contractors Ltd.

“The Mersey Gateway Project signifies a major step forward in the regeneration of the North West. Mabey’s role in this project helped us overcome a number of challenges, such as determining access arrangements and the specific method we would use to install the pre-cast concrete beams and avoid over-stressing the temporary propping system.”

Jim Rice, Senior Operations Manager, Merseylink.

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To learn more about Mabey’s structural propping hire, excavation shoring equipment and jacking equipment hire, please browse our products and services below and we will be happy to help.

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Adjustable Props

Adjustable props are robust and are available in a variety...

Titan® Prop

Titan® is one of the lightest props on the market...

Mass 10

Lightweight modular system ideal for applications where access is restricted.

System 160

Compact, high-load propping system offering a capacity of up to...

Mass 25

Modular shoring system capable of supporting loads of up to...

Mass 50

Modular shoring system capable of supporting loads of up to...

Mat 125

High-strength system offering a capacity of up to 1250kN.


High-load shoring system offering a capacity of up to 2400kN.

Hydraulics and Jacking

Comprehensive range of hydraulic and mechanical jacks.

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