Complete range of environmental monitoring solutions

Complete range of environmental monitoring solutions

Discover Environmental Monitoring
Real-time infrastructure monitoring solutions

Real-time infrastructure monitoring solutions

Discover Structural Monitoring

What is Structural and Environmental Monitoring?

Structural monitoring and environmental monitoring involves using the latest sensor and digital communication technology in construction and infrastructure environments to provide engineers with real-time performance data to increase assurance, reduce risks and costs, and ensure compliance with the law.

Construction and infrastructure customers can deliver their projects more quickly, safely and efficiently – and improve the performance of assets over their lifetime – with the insights provided by innovative, real-time structural and environmental monitoring techniques.

What are Mabey's monitoring solutions?

Our environmental monitoring capabilities include noise, dust, multi gas, VOCs, vibration, and more. We have developed the Mabey EnviroGuard as the complete modular and scalable environmental monitoring solution, with data presented in real-time via our LIVEsite web portal.

For structural monitoring requirements, we have a complete range of solutions combining physical and optical monitoring techniques. We are able to measure changes in load, temperature, rotation, displacement, inclination, strain, fatigue, vibration, deflection, crack movements, and more. These measurements are derived from various technologies, but Mabey are able to integrate everything you need into one system, providing you with real-time insights in one easy to use portal.

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Why choose Mabey’s monitoring solutions?

Not all structural monitoring and environmental monitoring is the same. Because Mabey has a long background in civil engineering and temporary works, we understand the challenges that our customers face in today’s construction market.

Mabey’s engineers have applied their expertise in bridging and temporary works to the needs of their construction and infrastructure customers. By combining engineering design with the latest in monitoring equipment and integrated data provision, we are able to offer a new level of insight and confidence for customers. With real-time data served on our web-based portal, LIVEsite, Mabey provides all the information you need to gain a greater understanding about your construction or infrastructure project, allowing you to make better informed decisions and mitigate the risk of any potential claims.

Using data to manage construction and infrastructure developments helps to reduce risks and costs whilst increasing your capacity to deliver a project on time and within budget. We have helped customers keep their railway lines and buildings open whilst tunnels are bored beneath, ensured that their deep excavations are dug more quickly and safely and avoided unnecessary and expensive work being carried out on infrastructure.

Key benefits of Mabey’s monitoring solutions

  • Your requirements covered - with a full range of structural and environmental monitoring solutions
  • Focused, accurate and reliable data - through our bespoke LIVEsite web portal
  • Easy use and interrogation of data - featuring advanced data conditioning
  • Flexible and customisable alerts - with multiple levels
  • Suitable for a variety of applications - explore our key industries of expertise
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"The Mabey LIVEsite and alert system was instrumental in allowing the suite of readings to be monitored and analysed in a cost effective way for the client. It negated the need for an engineer to check the readings daily."

Dr. Will Spencer, Project Manager, Arup

"Mabey assisted us during the tender process, not only with costs but also the planning and methodology of their works, which allowed us to integrate this knowledge into our activities and gave us a better understanding of the scheme at that stage. "

Peter Smurthwaite, Managing Director, PBS Construction (N.E.) Limited

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Structural Monitoring

Real-time infrastructure monitoring solutions.

Environmental Monitoring

Extensive range of environmental monitoring solutions.


LIVEsite is a real-time data platform for construction and infrastructure...

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