Rapid-build modular bridging solutions

Rapid-build modular bridging solutions

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Innovative modular bridging solutions

Innovative modular bridging solutions

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Bridge Construction

Mabey manufactures and provides rapid-build, precision-engineered bridges for customers needing solutions for urban, rural, industrial, military and emergency situations. Bridge construction is one of the most difficult engineering challenges in the world, and our customers include road, rail and port authorities, infrastructure owners, construction companies, oil, gas and mining companies, farmers and landowners, as well as national governments and international disaster relief agencies. Our bridges have the reliability to last over 100 years thanks to our proven design capability, quality materials and our own off-site precision manufacturing and engineering expertise. Thousands of Mabey steel bridges have been delivered and installed in over 140 countries worldwide and our highly-adaptable Compact 200 remains the most widely-used modular steel bridge in the world. Explore the wide range of bridges customers all around the world use to meet their permanent and temporary bridging needs with Mabey.

Build your own Mabey Bridge with our Configurator. Experiment with different bridge construction options, spans, loadings and accessories, and receive an instant quotation.

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What are modular bridges?

By manufacturing in a state-of-the-art British factory we ensure your bridge is of the quality needed to be installed on site more quickly, safely and efficiently. By making and designing modular bridges, with precision robotic welding techniques, we can produce bespoke designs that are easy to install and last a lifetime. Our bridge designs enable a wide range of configurations, delivering outstanding versatility. Think of how cars are built now – technologically advanced factories create high-volume, high-quality yet affordable vehicles. That is the approach we take at Mabey to bridge engineering and bridge construction.

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Benefits to using Mabey bridges

  • Hire or Buy solutions for all requirements with our comprehensive range of modular bridges
  • Rapid installation with minimum on-site works due to the use of standard interchangeable components
  • Optimised ROI with our relocatable bridges in both permanent and temporary applications
  • Minimal additional infrastructure requirements due to world-class expertise in the delivery of clear spans of up to 100m.
  • Outstanding versatility due to multi-span options and no limit in bridge length
  • Optimal flexibility due to single, two and three lane carriageway options


  • Full highway load-carrying capability to support both light and heavy-duty applications
  • Minimal corrosion maintenance due to fully galvanised components
  • Easily transported and stored in standard containers
  • Optimised project delivery with full training and site support services
  • Lower project costs and expedited delivery with Mabey’s innovative financial support packages
  • Quality and accuracy assured for your applications delivered via Mabey’s Digital Engineering capability
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“We chose Mabey and its Atlas bridge because of the reliability of its products and its experience installing bridges in challenging locations. This new bridge enables quicker, safer and improved access to our site ensuring we can accommodate the ever increasing sizes and requirements of our subsea pipeline solutions for the North Sea.”

Willie Watt, General Manager Subsea 7.

“Given Papua New Guinea’s mountainous landscape, supply and maintenance of roads in the country is a significant challenge, which is why Mabey’s C200 solution has been vital in improving road networks in this area. The new bridges will help more local people access markets to sell produce grown in their village, or harvest seafood from the rich marine environment, as well as enabling travel to larger centres where health and education services are based.”

Ron Lane, General Manager, Markham Culverts

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To learn more about how Mabey can meet your bridge construction requirements please browse our products and services below and we will be happy to help you.

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Mabey Atlas Bridge

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Mabey Delta Bridge

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Mabey Logistic Support Bridge

A proprietary modular bridging system designed for the military user...

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