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Christchurch Rebuild: First-to-market products help sure up the city’s broken waste water system.

More than two years on from the major earthquakes and fatal destruction that shook New Zealand’s second largest city in February 2011, there is still over 60% of rebuild construction activity to be delivered - a further AUD$22.8b (GBP£13.5b) in estimated construction value over the next three years. The quakes destroyed 31% of the city’s 1,700km of wastewater pipes in its sewer system and Mabey Hire has a significant focus on supplying the light-weight aluminium shoring systems to all of the five major SCIRT contractors involved in this rebuild.

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Recently, Mabey’s reputation for reliable service and innovative solutions around Christchurch was reinforced when Mabey assisted Downer Infrastructure with the reconnection of the wastewater pipe to the Bromley water treatment plant.  Downer needed to install their geo-coated pipe in 5m sections and were testing a number of methodologies to provide the most efficient installation process.  In the end and after consultation with our team, Downer chose to implement our solution, which involved engineering solid strut panels to our 7m long aluminium shield systems.  At this size shield, our unique, local solution coupled with the relatively light weight design meant Downer did not need to delay works looking for alternatives and realised significant cost savings over the duration of the project.

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Mabey’s involvement in the future rebuild activity is set to strengthen as we introduce new complementary products alongside the aluminium shoring offer.  With the recently arrived Super Shaft Brace system, Mabey Hire is targeting new market segments and is set to make its’ mark in the commercial construction sector.  With more than 1,600 commercial buildings demolished post the quakes, much of the outstanding construction activity to come will replace and redevelop these centres.

Due to increased seismic activity, New Zealand is also raising its earthquake building code standards. This will require the seismic upgrade of thousands of buildings not just in Christchurch, but throughout the country. All of this new activity will create strong opportunity to introduce Mabey’s propping, sheet and frame systems, and temporary ground protection to the New Zealand market.

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