Hydraulic Jacking Systems

Mabey Inc. can provide you with the full range of hydraulic jacks and pressurizing equipment systems your shoring project calls for. As the U.S. market leader in heavy shoring and propping, we can provide you with state-of-the-art hydraulic jacking systems for any project.

A Complete Selection of Hydraulic Jacking Systems

We offer a number of different hydraulic jacks for your shoring and propping projects.

Hymat Jack

Hymat Jack

Hymat Jack

We developed this hydraulic jack to work with our Mat 125 structural shoring system for bridge jacking projects. The benefits of this hydraulic jacking system include:

  • Aluminum construction for easier handling
  • Locking collar that supports loads mechanically once you achieve the desired preload or lift
  • Hydraulic capacity of 74 tons and locked capacity of 147 tons


Powerteam R5510L Jack

R5510L Jack

The R5510L Jack is designed for use with the Heavy Prop System. Up to four of these 55 ton capacity jacks can be positioned around the head or base units to provide up to 220 tons of lifting capacity per prop.

Low Profile Jacks

Low Profile Jacks

Low Profile Lock Nut (Pancake) Jacks

We offer a range of these hydraulic jacks, including:

  • Low height units for bearing shelf jacking
  • Several high capacity unit options for high load requirements
Titan Jack

Titan Mechanical Jack

Titan Mechanical Jack

In addition to the hydraulic jacking systems we rent, you’ll also find the mechanical jacks you need. The Titan Mechanical Jack is an effective striking device for loads up to 112kips.


Pressurizing Equipment for Hydraulic Jacks

 Pressurizing Equipment Powerteam Pump

We also provide a comprehensive range of pressurizing equipment:

  • Hoses
  • Manifolds
  • Pumps, ranging from simple hand pumps to multi-outlet electric pump units
  • Pressure monitoring and controlling gauges, load holding valves, and shut off valves

Hydraulic Jacking Systems to Fit Any Project

Mabey Inc. can provide you with all the equipment you need for any structural shoring or propping project, including a full range of hydraulic jacks and pressurizing equipment. If you need standard PE certified engineering plans or on-site support, you can count on us to deliver both. Because we have locations across the U.S. and around the world, we can deliver all the equipment you need quickly and at the right price.

Rent the Right Way

Call Mabey Inc. today at (800) 956-2239 or request a quote online to rent a hydraulic jacking system.