Compact 200 Bridge

When you need a panel bridge that can be rapidly assembled, the Mabey Compact 200 Bridge is an excellent choice. This bridge, which is based on a 10′ panel, is easily transportable to your site and can be assembled in just a few days.  Many contractors choose this bridge for fast bridge replacement. It’s ideal for a variety of bridges, from pedestrian bridges up to bridges that can accommodate three lanes of traffic.

Benefits of the Compact 200 Bridge

The many advantages and conveniences of the Compact 200 Bridge have made it one of the most popular bridges in Mabey’s large inventory of permanent and temporary bridges. Watch our video  to see just how easily and quickly this bridge can be built. Mabey can provide on-site technical assistance to ensure that your bridge is assembled in a safe and efficient manner.

 Additional features of the Mabey Inc. Compact 200 Bridge include:

  • Galvanized steel components require little maintenance
  • Compact, 10′x7′ panels are easily transported and assembled by hand
  • Assembled bridge can clear unsupported spans of up to 200 feet – and even longer when implementing bridge piers

Rent the Right Way

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