Mabey Panel Bridge Used for Whitewater Course in ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships

Mabey Inc. provided a 103 foot pedestrian bridge for site access at the International Canoe Federation (ICF) World Championships, to be held at The Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) in Western Maryland on September 17-21.

The ASCI facility is unique because it is the only mountaintop re-circulating whitewater course in the world. Normally, this site operates as a venue for hundreds of white water rafting enthusiasts in the region. However, this year’s championships are said to bring a national audience of nearly 9,000 people from 35 countries to ASCI. Mabey’s Universal Bridge allowed athletes and staff to safely and quickly access the facility from one side to other across the river. The bridge is positioned in a prime location to place the scoreboard — just downstream from the finish line — and will be the focal point for spectators to watch.

Mabey is proud to sponsor the ICF Championships and supply temporary bridges to ASCI. This is only the second time in the event’s 25-year history that it has been held in the United States. The winner who takes home the Gold is the athlete with the fastest time and the least number of penalties. Competitors must navigate their canoe or kayak through 300 meters of rapids in a track that consists of upstream and downstream patterns and maneuver around 15-20 gates without missing or touching them.